Does anyone else do this silly thing?

Flash back with me a minute. 

I'm a freshly minted mom of two. My two year old is obsessed with trains, to the point where if it doesn't involve a train in some way he really doesn't want to go haha. The baby nurses and only likes to be in those sweaty, easily tangled baby wraps. It's around 10am, maybe 11, and I'm just now getting dressed and who even knows what a shower is anymore. As I open my closet, I immediately gravitate towards my favorite plaid button up shirt. Nursing friendly and looks sooo cute, it reminds me of all the things I love about fall (even if it's like 72 degrees out in CA). I touch it and then pull back. I can't wear this awesome top today. It's just a Tuesday and I am going approximately no where but my apartment living room. So I sigh and instead reach for a random tee I don't really love and a pair of more pj bottoms. I mean, I can't wear my favorite cute pieces of clothes just for the living room, right? I've gotta save it for something special. 

And so days creep on over and over with this mentality. My favorite top just hangs there collecting dust because no day is "special enough" for me to wear it. I'm just going to the grocery store or the park or kitchen or on a walk. I've gotta save that special piece for "when it matters."

Let's stop there a moment. 

Do you know what "saving" my special clothes got me over the years? Depressed. And a lot of donated bags of clothes that I never wore. Seriously, WHY did I do this for so long? Why did I convince myself that I didn't deserve to wear things that made me happy and feel beautiful just because it was a random Thursday? Straight up, I had almost zero self confidence the first few years of motherhood and my wardrobe choices were a big contributing factor to that. THIS RIGHT HERE was one of the biggest culprits. It was just another way I told myself that I was unworthy of the things I loved. 

Do you ever do this too?

Why do we do this, friends? There is no "right" day to wear the things that make you happy!! When I let this negative narrative run through my head I was telling myself I am not enough right now. Life isn't perfect. Most days are ordinary. But every day is a gift and we should live each day as our best.

Dress in what makes you feel good and cute and beautiful and happy! Every. Single. Day. I don't care if it's a hump day and the only place you're going to is Trader Joe's. Wear that sparkly shirt that makes you feel like a million bucks and rock the heck out of that TJ's run!! Not leaving the house right now? Put on the freakin jeans that make your booty pop and drop it like it's hot in the kitchen. Zoom calling all day? Grab that dress that makes you feel like you're a heroine in a Jane Austen novel and be confident during your work call! BE YOU. WEAR THE CUTE SHOES. GRAB THE FAVORITE BLOUSE. 

I promised myself years ago that I wouldn't fall into this trap again. I admit that recent times with the pandemic have made me start to slip back into these old habits of negative thoughts about myself and my wardrobe. I'm having a come to Jesus moment with myself here haha, and I want to invite you too. Life's too short to "save" your favorite clothes for some fictional "perfect day." Wear it TODAY! Be confident in who you are and where you are right now in life! It's okay to "waste" a good outfit on your living room. Because truly, truly, nothing is wasted. Each day we put on clothes to step in our best selves for the day. That positivity builds and builds. 

So don't listen to that silly voice. Wear what you love right now! You are worthy! You are beautiful! You can rock it!