Life in September

Happy weekend friends!

Can you believe September is almost over?! My favorite time of the year is already flying by fast! So what's new in the world of Shop Linda Hamilton?

We started distance learning with three kiddos: 3rd grade, 1st grade, and TK. It's actually not as terrible as I thought it would be. Our teachers are amazing and patient and my kids love them. My only real complaint is trying to remember everyone's passwords for 5000 different sites... and what the heck is up with seesaw?! That was clearly not designed for 4 year olds who have no idea how to drag and trace things on a laptop haha. Biggest perk of zoom school: no driving back and forth 6 times a day for pick ups and drop offs! How's zoom school going at your house? 

-My must haves from the shop for distance learning: blue light blocking glasses for kids, allll the buttery soft joggers, favorite pullovers and cardigans (I want to look like I'm dressed up for logging on all those calls, but really I'm just in pjs haha), and lots and lots of candy! 

I am SO READY for Halloween!! It's my FAVORITE!! Don't mind me if I'm up at midnight on Oct 1st putting out my decorations haha. I've already got my list of must-bake Halloween themed treats going on pinterest (follow me!) so I don't forget all the things. My personal favorite: mini pumpkin shaped hand pies! SO delicious and easy to make with kiddos! Now I've gotta figure out everyone's Halloween costume. What are you going to be? Lucy wants to be Katra from Shera, Ellie an LOL, Jude who knows what it changes every day, Julia is gonna rock as Elsa. 

-My must haves from the shop for Halloween: buttery soft halloween leggings, Hocus Pocus shirt, Halloween gnomes for decorating! 

My big goal for the fall is to finish draft 2 of my book! You guys, I've been reading alll the interesting things about WW1 lately. Want a good book that uses lots of primary sources about the lives of upper class women in Victorian England? Highly recommend "Ladies of the Manor." It's like real life Downton Abbey. Want to know more about British doctors on the front lines? "Doctors in the Great War" is a dense read, but it's well researched and very thorough. For the nitty gritty of real life in the trenches, check out "Eye Deep in Hell." It doesn't pull any punches, you get a very real account of life in a muddy trench at the front lines. Draft 2 of my story is about 60% done, I'm excited to have to complete, hopefully by Halloween! 

-My must haves from the shop for writing: motivational water bottle! I carry this thing everywhere so I stay hydrated while I write. Popcorn for snacking. My favorite leggings for comfy nights curled up with a book. Headbands so I don't have my hair in my face while I type. 

We are changing seasons and I'm a big believer that we should do what makes us happy and pushes us to grow! Get dressed every day and you'll feel put together to get through life's challenges! #trustlinda the right clothes help you step into your best self! And that doesn't mean full make up, fancy dress every day. I'm talking about rocking those comfy joggers, styling your favorite leggings, chilling in your cute swing dress. I'm here to help you feel your best without sacrificing comfort :)

Happy fall, friends! Let's keep the good times rolling!