New Years Intentions

Growing up, every January I found myself sitting on my dad's bed at some point. He'd pull out his old Franklin planner, click on his pencil, and draw a wagon wheel. Every year he'd explain how our lives are like a wagon wheel; each spoke is a different area of our life and if it's broken, the wheel won't move. Then he'd divide up his paper into different areas and we'd set goals together for the new year in each category. Even as a grumpy teenager, I still--somewhere deep inside--appreciated his dedication to goal-setting. 

Maybe it's the years of conditioning, but I actually really love goals. I set goals in all places in my life, an especially in the new year. I love to grow and challenge and achieve. I want to be the Leslie Knope of whatever I do. 

Last week I asked my clients what their new year goals were and nearly everyone responded that they don't set them. Several made very insightful comments that instead they set intentions and challenges. I LOVE that. So this year I'm taking that as my direction for my goals. I'm refocusing on challenges and intentions for the year. Thank you for the inspiration!

And as my dad so lovingly taught me, a goal not written down is just a wish ;) So here we go!

2021 Intentions & Challenges

-Plan my next step for my business. I never like to stay complacent. 

-Write frequently, even when it's bad writing. As a crazy perfectionist, this always holds me back. I never want to create unless I believe it'll be amazing. A year of pushing myself to write has taught me that it's rarely amazing for at least several drafts, and even then it's spotty haha. So I want to just write even when it's pointless and terrible. 

-Exercise regularly because I love my body and it feels good to move it. I'm ditching the remains of diet culture in my life. I exercise because I enjoy it and it makes my body happy. No programs or guilt-based motivations. 

-Scripture study and prayer with the family. It's always chaos, someone is usually fighting or falling off the couch during it, but it's just important is gets done! 

-Focus on my church calling. 

-Be brave enough to make friends. You know, once we can leave our houses again. I am the most ridiculously shy extrovert ever haha. 

-Stay up to date with Come Follow Me. 

-Do something towards publication with my book. Write query letters, research self-publishing if needs be. I'm gonna manifest the heck out of this dream even though it mortifies my anxiety. 

-Read all the things. Read for research and joy. 

-Brush up that history degree. I had forgotten how much I just love to learn, and I want to foster than natural curiosity more. 

-Hang out with my kids. Read to my kids. Tell my kids lots of stories. 

-Maybe learn how to actually use Quickbooks. Maybe. 

What are your intentions and challenges for the new year?