Confident Closet Styling Sessions

Do you need help cleaning out your closet, styling your current wardrobe, or making outfits? I’m here to help! Book a Confident Closet Session and I’ll help you organize, style, and more! Each session is 1 hour and will take place on Zoom. In person appointments are also available for the Ventura County area.

Confident Closet Options:


1.The Closet Tamer: Let me help you organize and clear out your closet! You’ll learn more tricks for making your closet a happy place with better organization. We will clear out old clothes and talk about the best items to keep, plus easy styling

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2.The Stylist: Not sure how to use the pieces in your wardrobe right now? I can help you learn about how to utilize the pieces currently in your closet! We’ll talk about making outfits, the basics you need to have and when to wear them, and my favorite tips to flatter your unique shape and style.

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3.The Planner: Are mornings stressful? Let’s take the extra stress out of the morning and have outfits ready! I can plan 7-10 days worth of outfits from your wardrobe so you are ready to go without an extra effort.

Buy Now - Only $35