Chocolate Batter Bites


Ever desire to make a midnight chocolate cake just so you can lick the batter off the spoon? ( Been there ) This was the whole idea behind our yummy Chocolate-FOMO Cake Batter Bites.

When you get these morsels home and take a bite... WOOSH!  Gone will be the days of dragging out ingredients and creating a wicked cake batter mess. 

This sure-fire solution has ensured that you get that cake batter craving kicked. Each one of these dainty indulgences has an enticing taste of cake batter, then finishes with a layer of rich, velvety chocolate. Go ahead, put those bowls, and mixer away. You are too fabulous for dirty dishes anyway. 



Info and Benefits: 

  • USA Made
  • Nut Free
  • Tree Nut Free